Take a Peek at the Vendor Open House at The King’s Daughters Inn

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It won’t be long before we’ll be able to have events like these to thank our corporate partners! This is just a taste of what’s to come! We dressed up The King’s Daughters Inn for the occasion with linens provided … Continue reading

We Love to Love

Pink Champagne

We love to eat.
We love to drink.
We love to laugh.
And we love to share.

We can’t wait until we can hold fabulous events at The Mayton Inn. But, for now, we thought we could give you a glimpse of what’s in store for the future by sneaking a peek at our Annual Sparkling Wine Tasting at our sister hotel, The King’s Daughters Inn.

This Valentine’s day, we have a sumptuous menu planned, overflowing with bubbly fun and deliciously paired canapés. The details, proverbial meat and potatoes, are forthcoming as you excitedly read on and your mouth begins to water…

To awaken our pallets, we begin with the bright Domaine Louvetrie Atmospheres and continue on a bubbly and savory journey with Sokol Blosser Sparkling Brut (Colin and Deanna’s wedding wine, turned bubbles! Magnificent!), Franck Besson Rose Granit Beaujolais, Berlucchi Brut Rose Cuvee 61 (wouldn’t be complete with out pink bubbles!), and Nicolas Feuillaitte Brut Reserve Champagne.

Festivities will be held in The King’s Daughters Inn’s elegant dining room from 5:30-7:30PM. We aim to make your evening delightful. Reserve your spot *here*, at only $25 a person or $45 a couple, to ensure your beautiful Valentine’s Day this year!

The Mayton Inn is Moving Forward!

MaytonRender130307-01It’s been a long summer and while we have been working hard, we only have a few important updates to share.

First, we’ve been approved by the Cary Town Council to move forward. YES! We will be breaking ground this fall and hope to be open by fall of 2014!

We want to say a big thank you to all our partners in the project, starting with the Town of Cary. You’ve been welcoming and supportive of our goal and we’re proud to be part of the downtown revitalization efforts. We look forward to being your neighbors!

Also, a big thank you to all the awesome people at Bridgepoint General Contracting, Center Studio Architecture, Triangle Electrical Services, Newcomb and Company, Hillsborough Plumbing, Lysaught & Associates, Pabst & Hillburn, and Emerson Land Planning for all the hard work they’ve put in to make this project happen.

Next, we are happy to announce that Maite Vigil has joined the team as General Manager of The King’s Daughters Inn, and she’ll be bringing her extensive business experience to the Mayton Project as we move forward as well! We also have a new Marketing Director who will be handling the marketing side of the project, Renée Pelton will be heading our marketing strategy. We are very excited to have such a great team coming together to get the Mayton Inn started with a bang!

If you haven’t done it already please reach out and connect with us on our various social networks that we’re starting up for the Inn. You’ll get updates, and once ground break, you’ll get all kinds of picture of the process of building the Mayton In. You can find us here:

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Lights, Camera, Action!



Light by Nuvo

We have been tirelessly working on the lighting plan for the Mayton Inn! The list is up to 120+ lights and it just keeps on going. 

We want to create a warm, soft ambience in rooms, event spaces and hallways. Our big goal is to find the MASTER CHANDELIER for the entryway. Our design team, Megliola Beal Interior Design, is at the High Point Furniture Market to look for the piece as well as many additional accents and decor for us!

Stay Tuned for More Photos!



Sleek, Sophisticated Silver and Charcoal



ImageThis chic color scheme will be for the sophisticated traveller. With sleek silvers and charcoals, this room will be sharp. We could see a business traveler staying in one of these rooms or a young couple that prefers a more modern atmosphere for their overnight accommodation. The textures and lines of this room will be crisp and clean and almost reminiscent of Scandinavian interior design.

Danish, anyone?


Got Girly?



Yes, there will be pink!

If this suite doesn’t scream girl’s weekend or bridal party primp area, we don’t know what will! The fuchsia tones will be accented with cobalts and navy to anchor the room. We envision brides getting their hair and make up done, popping bubbly and listening to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” on their wedding day while the photographer click, clicks, clicks!

From room to room, there will be simple and sophisticated to fun and flirty! 

Speaking of weddings, did we mention there will be a honeymoon cottage on property?! Stay tuned for interiors!

A Lil’ Southern Charm…



Maybe we are just ready for Summer, but these textures and patterns are reminiscent of a sunny Southern day. It feels like the blue skies are spread out over a shining ocean and we want to have a lemonade watching the waves crash in. 

These gorgeous turquoise and blues may transfer over to blues and purples, but that paisley pattern is here to stay!



Beautiful Blue & Graceful Gray



We are excited to preview a few of the color schemes for interior room decor! We had an amazing meeting with Madge Megliola & her team pulling swatches and creating a vision for each room. We will have 5 – 6 color schemes divided between 45 rooms. Though the schemes will be the same, all the patterns of each scheme will be mixed and matched and blended together!

Our first color scheme will incorporate these soothing blues and grays that are still modern and fresh, but would be great for a guest that wants to truly relax and take a deep yogi breath. Maybe some afternoon tea and book in one of our custom arm chairs will be the ticket for these calming overnight accommodations 

Plans, plans, plans….

We were thrilled to meet with Madge Megliola, our interior designed, last week to discuss the hotel’s style and decor! Madge is incredibly talented and has so many inspiring ideas. The plan is to keep the luxury feel that is at the King’s Daughters Inn, but to create overnight accommodation themes. There will be 5-6 different types of rooms with varying color palettes and decor. The guest will have a choice of the type of room ranging from warm, neutral colors to fabulous prints and bright colors. It is sure to be a long process of picking and choosing fabrics, paint colors and the decor within the room, but it will certainly fun! 

On behalf of Colin & Deanna Crossman, we wish you a happy & safe holiday! We look forward to spending a lot of time in Cary and look forward to meeting all the Cary residents!